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Opal Jewelry Care

  • Remove your jewelry before activities such as strong excising, cleaning, gardening, and work in the yard since it may harm gold or opals.
  • Keep your jewelry free of dirt, cosmetics, hair spray, perfumes, and perspiration, do not spay your jewelry with any chemicals.
  • Salt water and harsh chemicals like chlorine or detergents can harm gold and gemstones.
  • Be careful not to bang, scratch or knock your opal jewelry on anything.
  • Clean the face of the opal in jewelry a soft wet cloth, To refresh well-used gemstone jewelry with serious scratches, a jeweler can provide a professional polish.
  • As mentioned above, opal is extremes of heat, cold and dryness. Do not subject the stone to extremes of any of these. Opal doublets and triplet can not immersed in water since it may cause the glue holding the layer together dissolve.
  • Protect your jewelry from scratches by using a pouch or a jewelry box.
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